Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special gear?

We provide and fit you with all the specialist gear you will need to play. All you need to bring is comfortable sportswear, shoes suitable for use on grass and some water.

Can I play even if I don't know much about American Football?

Of course! While American Football can seem daunting at first we have a number of experienced Coaches and players who can help you to pick up all you need to know gradually. We have had players who are massive NFL fans and players who have never seen a game before so whatever your level knowledge of the game, we can help you.

Where do you play?

Our main contact sessions are at 10am every Sunday at Thorpe St. Andrew High School.


We also have a non-contact session every Tuesday from 7pm at Locksley School. 

Are there lots of other women's teams?

Yes, there are women's teams playing all over the country in both contact and non-contact versions of the game. We currently play the 7 a side version of the game but there are also women who play 9 a side and women's GB team who play full 11 a side football.
It is a quickly growing sport with a strong community.

Will I have to pay to come and try?

No. New players are welcome to come and try for free for their first 3 weeks.  After that we ask a small monthly amount from our players to help cover costs such as ground hire, new equipment and competition fees.

What is a training session like?

We start with a warm up. Then we work on specific skills, some position specific others more general to all areas of play.
After this we work on our play book, perfecting existing plays and learning new ones. We play on both sides of the ball so we get to enjoy playing in both the Offence and the Defence.

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